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Meet Robbie Luther who, with his lovely wife Heather, design, build, and operate The 17th Door, an extreme haunted house where guests try to survive being locked in seventeen uniquely terrifying rooms. For five months, Robbie and his team of oddly capable misfits commit to creating some of the most technologically sophisticated effects the world has ever seen: a room that turns upside down with guests inside, a room that locks guests in electric chairs and forces them to shock each other, and a room that temporarily suffocates guests beneath a giant sheet of latex. While they struggle to pull it off in time, Robbie’s wife and partner in crime, Heather, gears up for operations by casting, managing, and training the scare actors who will bring the entire thing to life. 
Spook Show 17 captures every moment of this hectic adventure and offers you a refreshing take on reality television that is unscripted, completely authentic, and brutally honest. With fourteen episodes in season one, we will take you through the entire process of conceptualizing, building, and operating the self-proclaimed greatest haunted house ever.






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