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Available 9/28/22 |                                                         

Season One of Spook Show 17 proudly features fourteen equally exciting and entertaining episodes that take you on a journey through the entire creative process of designing, building, casting, and operating The 17th Door Haunted House. 


S1, Ep2

All Dogs Die

The team starts a new room, "Showers", which requires Eduardo and Carlos to go on a necessary but satirical tile shopping trip. The new reality of being filmed for a reality show causes team turmoil and 2 members quit. A workplace injury has Robbie reassessing his treatment of his crew.


S1, Ep1

Reality TV Sucks

The team gets introduced to Robbie's painful rules of reality TV filming. The build team has been working together for years and is eager to get started. Room ideas are revealed while rooms of yesteryear get torn down. Cetti is forced to clean out the remains of a few thousand cockroaches that were used in last year's haunt.


S1, Ep3

Jogging on Water

Robbie forgets his anniversary but brushes it aside to start the build on a 3rd room, "Circle Shocks". While the team kicks ass on building 3 rooms simultaneously, Lane reveals his lack of skill and confidence while fabricating shock chairs. Wyatt and Robbie grind through the night to prepare for a big event, cast auditions.


S1, Ep4

Heather takes the reins of her cast management team to coordinate auditions. A break from the grind of a haunt build, auditions day is filled with goofballs, pranks, and some questionably low standards for who might become a scare "actor" for The 17th Door.


S1, Ep5

Drunk Inside

The team starts and makes fast progress on the build of their spinning room, "Tumbler". Serious questions about the safety of a room that spins upside down are answered during an intense test session with the entire team. Cetti receives mean jokes and backlash from Robbie over a harmless build design suggestion.


S1, Ep6

Virtual Stupidity

Wyatt stars as an ignorant inmate who hates blue people in the filming of their annual virtual reality experience. Robbie has always thought VR was stupid, so he makes a mockery of its content as they intentionally film ridiculous situations like a visit to the 99 Cent Store next door and a random backyard birthday party. Cetti continues to be the butt of many jokes from Robbie so he timidly confronts him.


S1, Ep7

Yin and Yang

Robbie convinces his brother, Jamie, to come help film this year's cinematic trailer for the haunt. Jamie's disapproval of the haunt's content and reluctance to be on a reality show contribute to an already explosive brother dynamic. The team starts building the suffocation room entitled "Breathless". Heather takes one for the team and eats cow brains.


S1, Ep8

Happy Bee-Day

The workload increases with cast training and Heather struggles to balance work, raising her 3 boys, and her marriage. Robbie has been sleeping at the haunt to increase productivity, but this puts even more strain on their relationship. With time till opening night running out, the team takes a strangely necessary but comedic detour to collect honey from some invasive bees.


S1, Ep9

The Grind

Dress rehearsal is a total flop as 4 of the 17 rooms still aren't finished and 1 of them hasn't even been started. With opening night only 48 hours away, some of the team confront Robbie about making hard decisions to scale back some of the rooms to avoid an opening night embarrassment.


S1, Ep10

It's opening night. Friends and family of the team join an all day push to get the haunt ready before guests arrive. The build team frantically works to get all 17 rooms ready while Robbie troubleshoots numerous technical difficulties. Cast energy and optimism are extremely high as some will be scaring for the first time.


S1, Ep11

Burning Buttholes

The pressure is on for Heather to step up and lead the operation towards Robbie's lofty attendance goals. To help ticket sales, Robbie finally completes and releases the new VR experience. Heather struggles with her most fragile cast member, "Mr. Glass".


S1, Ep12

Robbie allows 2 super fans to get married at the haunt, as long as he can be the wedding planner. Heather deals with a range of annoying cast problems including a male to male bitch slap and the ego of a haunter going through a midlife crisis. Scientists from Caltech perform a study about fear while being annoyed by reality cameramen and fake homeless guys.


S1, Ep13

40 is the New 50

The team celebrates Heather's 40th birthday as the nights grow busier and the guests get rowdier. Heather's patience wears thin as one of the cast members has an overly dramatic and very public "panic attack" that some find hard to believe.


S1, Ep14

Heather pushes to hit the season attendance goal during the last few nights of operations. The cast is motivated to finish strong, but saddened by the goodbyes that will soon follow. On a lighter note, Heather and Robbie go scaring together while guests punch each other in the face.

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