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Spook Show 17 follows the entire process of conceptualizing and executing the most technologically advanced haunted house in the world - The 17th Door. This extreme haunted attraction is located in Fullerton, California, and is world renowned for its unique design, insane rooms, impressive actors, and its safe word - MERCY. 
Requiring a waiver just to enter, The 17th Door envelopes you in the world of Paula, a young woman who has experienced an abundance of real world horrors that haunt her past and her present. After killing her baby who was born out of malice, she finds herself in Perpetuum Penitentiary where the torture continues with unbearable living conditions, violent cell mates, painful treatments, and a warden who doesn’t take no for an answer. 
Guests are invited into the prison where they too must endure the horrors of Paula’s world. With seventeen increasingly intense rooms that guests are locked in, they must endure the horrors that await without mercying out. From electric chairs and painful executions to spinning rooms and cockroaches, there is much to fear when each door closes behind you.
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